• EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685

Partner 1. English Language Secondary School "Geo Milev", Burgas, Bulgaria


Situated on the South-East of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the tourist and industrial center of Burgas, the English Language School "Geo Milev" is a secondary school with intensive study of English. There are about 800 students and 50 members of the staff. For some years we have been running STEM education, particularly Biology and Chemistry. Graphic design is another profile in our school. Students are highly motivated to study languages – English, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, as well as culture. ELS "Geo Milev" works in cooperation with different youth organizations, clubs, and youth centers, sharing good practice in formal and informal educational work.

ELS "Geo Milev" promotes the principles of equal opportunities, inclusion, innovation, democracy and integrity. We raise our student’s  awareness for environmental issues, climate change and sustainable living. The project team of the English Language School Geo Milev, has ample experience in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects.

In EcoPodcasts English Language Secondary School Geo Milev is the project coordinator and is responsible for the overall management of the project, performing all tasks required for the successful implementation of the project’s objectives. It is also responsible for the development of the EcoPodcasts curriculum and for producing the students’ podcasts. What is more, it will develop various educational resources for the EcoPodcasts resource hub.

"Geo Milev" Team:

Zhaklin Mutafyan-Neycheva is the principal and an English teacher at the English Language School Geo Milev.
In EcoPodcasts she is responsible for the overall management of the project, the planning, the communication between partners, the development of small scale project materials and the dissemination of project results. Among other things, her tasks are to develop a project management plan, identify the responsibilities of each partner, lead the regular virtual coordination meetings, ensure budget control and risk management procedures and provide specific guidance to the consortium partners on how to carry out administrative and financial reporting activities.

Krasimira Miteva is the deputy-principal of the school and an English teacher.
In EcoPodcasts she is responsible for developing the topic banks for podcasts, for the adherence to the research protocol and methodology and for developing selection criteria for exemplary practices. Her tasks also comprise collecting information from the literature about human-made environmental threats that are prevalent today and about good practice examples for dealing with and combating environmental pollution. She will discuss with students how to fight climate change within the school as well as in their local community, with the aim of fostering argumentation and discussion.

Tatyana Shurelova is one of the school’s English teachers. In her work she makes it her priority to encourage the participation of young people in decision-making processes regarding environmental problems and solutions against climate change.
In EcoPodcasts she is responsible for developing a timeplan for the partners from Austria, Portugal and Bulgaria for recording the required podcasts together with the students. Further, she will provide educational and practical materials on environmental protection as well as instructions for students to make their own podcasts. She is also responsible for the correspondence among all partners in the EcoPodcasts project.


  • EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685