• EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685

The EcoPodcasts Curriculum (PR1)

The curriculum will include precious educational and practical material both on environmental protection and instructions on how students can make their own podcasts, as well as their own podcasts.

The EcoPodcasts curriculum is structured along 3 pathways that complement each other to achieve the combination of podcasting on issues related to environmental pollution, while enhancing knowledge about climate change.

The first direction concerns the clarification of terms and issues related to environmental pollution, achieving this through the development of a guide entitled "Care for the Environment" Handbook, covering all the major dimensions of human-induced pollution, and more specifically will analyze issues related to Urbanization & Industrialization, Mining & Exploration, Agricultural Activities, Fossil Fuels, Particulate Matter, and Plastics. In addition, the main significant impacts of all these on the natural environment, human health, as well as animal health will be presented. A very important point of the "Care for the Environment" Handbook is the reference to future environmental impacts and vulnerabilities, as well as what we can do both in a general context and focusing on the level of school education level. Finally, a valuable collection of good practices in dealing with environmental contamination at school level in partner countries is presented.

The second direction of the EcoPodcasts Curriculum consists of research to discover gaps and needs of the school community regarding the use of podcasts as an educational tool, but also in a general context at the level of everyday life. At the same time, it also explores the interest and available possibilities of the school community regarding awareness and education on issues related to environmental pollution.

The third and most practical direction of the EcoPodcasts Curriculum, includes a highly hands-on podcast development guide aimed at students, able to capture their interest and present them all the necessary points to start their own podcast from scratch, whether in a school context or in a general context. Then, students take an active role in the implementation of the EcoPodcasts project, where teachers and students will develop a collection of podcasts covering a wide range of topics on caring for the environment and natural resources in an effort to address climate change.


  • EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685