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Partner 6. International Integrity Foundation "IIF", Malta


The International Integrity Foundation (IIF) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2015 in Malta. Its aim is to support and empower people and communities to build for themselves better lives and more sustainable and inclusive societies. IIF does this through various multi-sectoral initiatives that address social, economic, cultural or environmental issues that impact our daily lives. Strong emphasis is put on promoting and supporting the development of an entrepreneurial attitude, a culture of personal and collective growth, of intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, of exchange of experiences and best practices, to ultimately inspire and empower citizens, civil society organizations and policy-makers to always strive to do better, for the longer-term and at a wider scale. IIF counts on a team of five professionals with backgrounds in economics, finance and business administration, legal and EU affairs, architecture, spatial planning and sustainable development, technology adoption, communication and dissemination

In the EcoPodcasts project IIF takes a leading role in the identification of students’ and teachers’ needs and the development of training schemes for "green competences” of teachers as well as for increasing community engagement. Further, IIF is responsible for the creation of an online platform which will host various resources for the development of students’ podcasts as well as the podcasts themselves.


"IIF" Team:

Anamaria Magri Pantea is the Secretary General of IIF. She is an economist with specialization in finance and an MBA alumni of the Edinburgh Business School, UK. Among other things, Anamaria has been working with the European Commission as staff of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as well as independent expert, evaluator and reviewer on a number of EU and governmental support programmes focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs. She also provides consultancy on innovation dissemination and exploitation strategy, business development, market research and international scale-up to various companies and organizations across Europe. Today, Anamaria is herself a business angel investor and part of a number of European networks, e.g. Rising Tide Europe, Global Enabler, etc.
Anamaria focuses together with her colleague Katina on the development of the content for the training schemes for teachers to foster “green competences” as well as to optimize engagement of the project parnter’s communities with the EcoPodcasts project. She is also involved in various dissemination activities.

Katina Mladenova is the Chairperson of IIF. She holds a Master of Arts in Law with a specialization in International Law and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Relations with specialization in EU Affairs and Cultural Integration. She has over ten years of experience in developing both local and EU funded applications, building project partnerships and identifying relevant funding schemes. She has been working in various multidisciplinary environments on the borders between young people, trainers, policy-makers and researchers. Katina has been involved in initiatives related to the promotion of gender equality, empowerment of women and young girls, women entrepreneurship, social inclusion based on knowledge and innovative aspects, and cultural integration.
In EcoPodcasts Katina is involved in developing the training schemes for teachers to foster “green competences”, as well as in optimizing the engagement of the project parnter’s communities with the EcoPodcasts project. She is also involved in various dissemination activities.




  • EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685