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EcoPodcasts Publication: Educators’ Handbook "Caring for the Environment"

We are thrilled to announce that we just completed our thoroughly researched handbook "Caring for the Environment", edited by the team of the University of Macedonia in Greece, with the participation of all Ecopodcasts project partners. The handbook aims to provide primary and secondary school teachers with the necessary clarification of terms related to environmental pollution, as well as inspiration to implement educational activities that develop children's knowledge and skills against climate change.

The handbook contains useful information on the threats that currently prevail around environmental pollution caused by human activity. In addition, it includes the impacts our planet is experiencing today, as well as an analysis of the possible future scenarios, especially by the end of the 21st century. Moreover, the handbook contains a valuable collection of good practices for tackling and combating environmental pollution, with a particular focus on the opportunities for children to raise awareness and take action against climate change, both in the partner countries (Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Malta, Greece, Portugal) and in the wider EU. Τhe handbook is an important step first of the overall goal of developing the “EcoPodcasts Curriculum”.

From the infographic on the left, designed by REACH’s team, you can get an idea about the topics that the handbook covers, putting into focus the two important questions about 1) what is happening with our planet and 2) how can we all take action to change these harmful developments? We hope that with our handbook we can contribute to making it easier for educators and students to approach the very important issue of making a change for a greener, sustainable future!

Download the handbook here and find A4 posters of the infographic in our toolbox section!

Feel free to send us your feedback and share it with any educator you think might like it!


  • EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685