• EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685

Updates from the Development of the EcoPodcasts Network

During the past few months, the EcoPodcasts project partners from the University of Salento (Italy) and from REACH (Austria) have been quite busy working on the EcoPodcasts Network Strategy. As one of EcoPodcasts’ ambitious goals, the Network aims to create an international educational community on a European and world wide level that lasts beyond the project duration.

To ensure a student-friendly and high-quality network, which also supports students to adopt healthy approaches to social media, we have been rigorously scanning the open access landscape, in order to identify the best-suited initiatives for collaboration.

Through the network, the EcoPodcasts project aspires to become an active reference for the educational community for training the youngest generation in the use of social media as tools for bringing social change by encouraging sustainable lifestyle.

We are excited to continue our work by continuously connecting with all those wonderful initiatives that are out there, so that as many students and educators as possible can fruitfully interact with each other to exchange ideas and learn from each other and to amplify EcoPodcasts’ agenda of playfully fostering sustainability!


  • EcoPodcasts Erasmus+ Project Nr. 2021-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000027685